Wednesday, November 28, 2012

After the floods

Unless you've been locked in a cellar or have been out of the country in the last 24 hours,you can't have missed the headline news reports from north Wales which have focused on the extensive flooding.Particularly in NE Wales where I'm based. The nearby Afon Alwen which falls from the Hiraethog moorland to the River Dee, resembled the Dudh Kosi yesterday in it's foaming ferocity. A bridge constructed of huge industrial girders which normally sits six feet above the gently flowing trout river was totally destroyed. Leaving just a section of girder and hand rail poking out of the roaring waves.

Cwm Lloer

This morning I wandered down to see how wild it was. Although it had subsided, it was still pretty rough...a white water paddler would have had a blast ripping through the gorge-normally grade 3 although at the moment,at least grade 5.
By mid morning the clouds had started to disperse and with the clearer skies came a dip in temperatures. The Berwyn range to the south sported a covering of snow on the highest peaks and a fleeting glimpse of the main Snowdonia peaks to the north revealed a white mantle illuminated by a low sun.
Breasting the cairned summit of Craig yr Llechen on Hiraethog, an impressive mountain panorama opened up before me. A few photographs later and I tumbled down the southern slopes and headed for home. The thermometer was dropping fast and the forecasters were predicting the onset of winter conditions. The main peaks hinted at what might be approaching?

Yr Wyddfa

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