Monday, November 19, 2012

Chasing autumn ghosts

To boldly go where no man...well maybe one man but he's dead so we'll never know...has gone before.

Mid November, the darkness starts to roll in as soon as the clock strikes three and by rights,anyone starting an outdoor activity should be up and about by first light.Well....if you face a two hour or more journey to your venue of choice. Thankfully, my destination yesterday was just 30 minutes away with gentle 15 minute amble to follow.

We arrived at the crag in bright sunshine and just a base layer with a thin gilet was more than enough to keep warm and comfortable on the crag. After repeating an old route of my own-which I was delighted to rediscover was actually a really nice VS route-it was on to another 'project'. Lots of these things bubbling away at the moment. More's the pity we are falling into winter and not spring as it's going to be hard to put them all to bed in the next few months.

This project looked hard. No way I could lead this mother!  It was mid afternoon by the time Mike began his sortie. Delicate but engrossing slab climbing to reach the overhang. In a wild position my partner discovered the tell tale signs of an old peg-circa 1960's. Someone has passed this way before and we think we know who. Sadly, said suspect is long dead and the fact that he never recorded it suggests a failed attempt. By three I was started to feel the effects of the increasingly viperous wind blowing up the valley and admit to feeling a sense of relief when my bold partner announced he was leaving it for a warmer day...phew!

One thing about this month.We've managed to get on the rock every weekend which suggests it hasn't been such a bad month in Wales so far. The pattern has been rather consistent. A bright sunny morning with the clouds rolling in and the wind increasing in the afternoon. Let's hope next weekend the sun remains in control until it disappears over the mountain. We might find more clues hidden away within the dark recesses of the crag.

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