Friday, November 9, 2012

Helyg loses it's arboreal cover.

The Helyg Boulder

I haven't been passed Helyg-the historic Climbers Club hut in Ogwen Valley, N Wales- for a month or so but I gather a lot of it's tree cover has been cut back. The 80 year old conifers which were planted in the 1930's were apparently showing signs of disease and club officers, concerned with the legal aspects of a mature lodgepole pine dropping on a passing car, took the decision to commission tree surgeons to cut out the offending trees.

I'm sure it must make quite a difference to the old place. There was something special about the old stone dwelling nestling in the lee of the little copse. However, the good news is, the club will be replanting the Helyg grounds with a mixture of trees deemed ecologically appropriate to the environment. London Plane trees, Australian Eucalyptus or Japanese Acers then!

A few years ago, the club offered controversial plans to build a new car park near Helyg. Plans which somewhat divided the club and which-for the writer at least-were thankfully thrown out by the National Park planners.  One thing is sure though; by the time the new saplings around Helyg have matured, I don't think many current CC members will be around to appreciate them!

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