Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Highball roller

Like a silver citadel illuminated by a setting sun. That's when I first noticed it. A striking square cut stone edifice,high on the hillside and far from the explorations of the north Wales bouldering fraternity.

I'd left it for another day to investigate. Another day became today. Under a louring grey sky with a fine drizzle coating the lichenous rocks I set off...slip sliding away and using a length of pipe I'd found en route to hack through the dead bracken.

There it is. The towering high point of a ribbon of rock which twists around the hillside. Not that high mind...15...20 feet? Clean as a whistle though. No plant life-apart from ivy-could find anything to cling to to gain a foothold on that spotless,overhanging face.

What a boulder problem though.Certainly not for me. I couldn't even get off the ground. No this is something the bold Macleod might tweet about..'week seven of the Welsh campaign and I've managed to get within an arms length of the finishing finger crack.

Desperate stuff...I need a beer!'

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