Wednesday, November 14, 2012

North Wales' secret bothies

The author contemplating throwing another dead rat on the fire

I was surprised to find out that there are only seven official MBA bothies in the whole of Wales. It set me thinking; just how many unofficial bothies there are? If you include natural features like caves, shelter stones and then add in old railway carriages, shepherd/shooting huts, workman's shelters and the like,then there must be dozens of upland dosses scattered around the mountain areas.

Living in North Wales affords me the time to engage in an activity and scuttle off home at the end of the day for a hot shower, a beer and a warm bed. If I had travelled hundreds of miles though and didn't want to fork out for accommodation, or more likely in my case-being an anti social git- did not want to crash in a hut/hostel with a host boozing,belching and farting ramblers- the idea of having a stone cottage to yourself is extremely appealing.

OK, these places are generally cold, dirty,lacking in amenities and you might wake up in the night and find yourself staring into the black eyes of a Rattus Norvegicus, but then...A roaring fire, a bubbling saucepan,a bottle of red,a good book to read by head torch light and outside, the sound of silence. Yes; That floats my boat for sure!

Where are these lonely dwellings you may ask? Well...rather than risk upsetting those who are aware of their locations and who want to keep them secret,let me just suggest,you step off the beaten tracks and head out into the north and mid Wales backwaters. For it is usually far from the madding crowd where these magical places lie; although even close to the North Wales honeypots you can often find a comfortable doss for the night.

Think of the money you would save if you were staying a couple of nights in a YHA hostel. You could buy a case of the Co-op's best Rioja for that!


Mountain Bothies Assoc


  1. That's not fair - I want to know where they are! (Great caption by the way).

  2. What about under the boulders below Craig Pant Ifan (on the far side of the road)???

  3. found the top one its a cracker!!