Monday, November 12, 2012

Usual media suspects fabricating weather scare stories

Note to Daily Express editor.That white powdery stuff is snow.

For those who live in  upland areas in the UK, warnings of severe winter weather conditions in the media carry more of an impact on the reader than someone living in the relatively balmy English south-west or the Channel Islands. Despite winter climbing activists living in their urban environments,rubbing their hands with glee at the prospect of the mountains swaddled under a blanket of snow and subjected to sub-zero temperatures, those who have to get to work, get their children to school, get out to the shops or receive fuel deliveries are,not surprisingly,less enthused by the prospect of severe winter conditions.

Thankfully, history provides evidence that the worst tabloid offenders,The Daily Mail, Express and the 'quality' right wing Daily Telegraph, are generally as accurate as Mystic Meg's daily horoscope. The worst offender is undoubtedly the appalling Daily Express. A newspaper with a proven track record for fabricating weather scare stories. Guess's at it again this morning.

"Coldest winter weather on the way'...runs the headline

"BRITAIN can expect the first big freeze of winter by the end of the month, sending temperatures plunging to -15C.Forecasters warned last night that the entire country was set to shiver with bitterly cold winds, harsh frosts and snow, all likely to last into December.'

Can I be the first to say 'Bollocks ! George Monbiot as far back as June offered compelling evidence that these weather scare stories are based on non existent meteorological organizations or just totally fabricated by journalists.

As far as reporting weather stories accurately , The Daily Express makes The Sun look like Granta! If The Express is reporting severe weather,better get your T shirts and shorts out of the bottom drawer.

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