Sunday, January 6, 2013

Ogwen Valley...where numpties roam.

Jamie's Route-The West Face of Tryfan.

No sooner had I posted about my experiences as a mountain rescue team member and outlined my reservations about state organisations indulging it's numpties, than my attention was drawn to a feature in Grough online outdoor journal. It revealed that the Ogwen MRT had been called out three times in a few hours to shepherd these....I'm trying to find the right word,numpties seems too about morons? off the mountain.'s mild, dank and calm in North Wales and if you are not familiar with North Wales I can tell you that despite it's wee mountains-the highest is a mere 3600'-and classic climbing crags, the Alaskan wilderness it aint!

I'm not sure which way the whole mountain rescue thing is going but I wouldn't be surprised if within ten years we have emergency phones like they have on motorways on popular mountains and US style finger posts and blazes to mark out trails. Is it the fear of litigation by the authorities which sees it pandering to these people; The expansion of outdoor leisure in the media, which promotes the great outdoors in the same way as it promotes barbeques and things to do before you die; the rise of Nanny State-ism???

Whatever happened to self reliance and the so called Bulldog Spirit? These days if someone breaks a fingernail they feel they are within their rights to call 999 and spring the emergency services into action. Credit to the north Wales MR teams though. They must have the patience and tolerance levels of his holiness the Dalai Lama to indulge this growing constituency of useless wusses!

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