Friday, January 18, 2013

Snow Patrol

The author happens upon an abandoned North Korean listening post...actually,a local high point just as the snow started to kick in yesterday afternoon.

Red Alert! I lost count of the number of times BBC Wales'  weatherman Derek Brockway told us about the 'unusually' severe winter weather heading our way today. Yesterday afternoon I was up at a local high point in Clocaenog Forest,the 1600' top of Craig Bron Bannog and it was already snowing quite heavily but lower down it was just a dusting. 7.10am this morning and I took a look outside .....nothing doing. A thin cover on the fields but no sign of the promised blizzards.

By eight,the first specks of snow were coming down and the wind started kicking in. By Nine, it was snowing heavily and I was glad we had left our vehicles a mile away in the local village. We would have been snowed in by now. The wind has started creating drifts on the lane and work trips from here have had to be abandoned.

Friday morning...nine a.m.Shank's pony only on the back lanes.

Later on I might don full winter gear and walk over the hill to the next valley and take in another local high point-1550-' to see what gives. Given the wind and increasingly heavy snow fall, I wouldn't want to be out in the real mountains today though. In Snowdonia, I imagine it will be white out conditions at the moment. Tomorrow they are forecasting more snow in North Wales but I bet there will be thousands of winter warriors heading into the hills.  Given the likely conditions ,I just can't see the mountains offering much sport apart from swimming up routes, as it's going to be too soft and deep? That's if you can even get there.

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