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From Cwm Pennant to Wyoming

 Photo: Slam Media

Following a recent blog post Nantmor Ghost Materialises, which detailed an old climbing name from the past who had popped up in a Welsh language programme with legendary Welsh climber,Eric Jones. I'm delighted to have tracked down the actual programme on Clic, S4C's equivalent of BBC's iPlayer.(Link at the bottom of the page) The programme, 75:Byth Rhy Hen, (75: Never too old) is actually a really inspiring example of the eternal spirit that lives inside of all true lovers of the mountains. Jeremy Trumper and Eric Jones were both 75 when they climbed The Devil's Tower in Wyoming. As a warm up,they were shown in the programme,roaring up the Pass on their motorbikes to climb the classic Brown/Whillans E1, Cemetery Gates. The S4C website offers the following information on the programme......

So many of us have dream impossible things, but Jeremy Trumper from Gwynedd was determined that he would make his dream a reality.
At 75 years old, with the company of his great friend, renowned climber and adventurer Eric Jones on the adventure, Jeremy set off from Cwm Pennant near Porthmadog to the state of Wyoming in America, with the intention of climbing to the summit of the eminent Devil's Tower.
Follow each step of their journey on 75: Byth Rhy Hen (75: Never too old) on Thursday 18 April on S4C.
"I started climbing when I was in school. At fourteen I went to the scouts and the famous climber Showell Styles would lead us on climbs."
Jeremy Trumper ran a caravan park and farmed a small holding in Cwm Pennant all his life, so leisure time wasn't something he had in abundance to say the least.
"I didn't climb in Europe until I was in my forties, but I'd climb with the Porthmadog Climbing Club often, and that's where I met my wife, Margaret."
And it seems that it's Margaret who's responsible for igniting Jeremy's obsession with the Devil's Tower in the first place.
"One Christmas she bought me a book which was full of amazing climbs all around the world, and that's when I first came across the Devil's Tower. And since then I've been obsessed with the idea, and determined to climb to the summit."
Devil's Tower is a strikingly steep rock that rises over 1,200 feet from its surrounding flat landscape. Located in the Black Hills of Crook County above Belle Fourche River, the igneous tower is a popular location attracting climbers from all over the globe.
Finally, in September 2012, when Jeremy was retired and had reached 75 years of age, after over ten years of imagining and hoping his great dream came true.
"It was such a great feeling, something you've dreamed about for so long coming alive, and it was even better than I'd imagines. I was so glad to have Eric by my side as well; I couldn't have found a better friend to come along on the adventure."
The challenge of bringing the excitement of any sporting event to life on screen is important to Aled Llŷr, but Jeremy and Eric's story really touched a nerve with the programme's producer from Slam Media.
"What delights me most about this story is their friendship. They are both fine men - they've lived and their values and friendship are something special. I hope the programme will inspire the viewers, however old they are."

The programme will be online until May 25th and is only available to UK residents.

 To watch the programme, just click on....75: Byth Rhy Hen 
Click 'S' for English subtitles.

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