Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Who's that Girl?

It all began with an owl. To cut a long story short, I had a beautiful tawny owl trapped in my bedroom. For some reason it had flew into the house one balmy evening when the door was wide open, and couldn’t find its way out again. After catching it I was amazed at how placid it was once it was in my hands. It just sat there and had it’s photo taken before being released into the night. I was inspired to find out more about these amazing creatures and decided to put up a couple of owl boxes as it’s coming up to the time when the latest batch of fledglings get booted out and have to make their own way in the world. Apparently, putting up a owl box increases these outcasts chances of survival by 50%

Anyway, there I was rooting around in one of the outbuildings for wood offcuts to build my owl boxes when I found her.’ Her’ being a mystery female climber photogenically poised high above a stunning Lakeland backdrop. It was a large advertising board for Sealy Beds and I remember snaffling it from  a bed shop owned by a former climbing partner who had a bed business. I’m pretty sure the photo was taken in the English Lake District but who is the mystery female climber...she looks familiar but the photo must have been taken in the late 1990’s? She looks to be in her late 20’s so she must be somewhere in her 40’s now.

As for the venue, I’m going with the left side of Black Crag in Borrowdale. Best known for its classic Severe-Troutdale Pinnacle- but I can’t decide on the actual route though?  I could of course be totally wrong on this and the image might not even have been taken in the UK but that does look like Derwentwater in the background.

If you can shed any light on the matter, feel free to leave a comment.

* I now have it on good authority that the climber is Glenda Huxter who is doing a route on Shepherd's Crag in Borrowdale. Another Borrowdale suggestion was a route called the Dangler at Falcon Crag although as I know the belayer at the time then Glenda on Shepherds it is then


  1. I don't know who the girl is but the picture's been flipped horizontally.