Sunday, October 20, 2013

Clyde Holmes- eco poet and landscape artist: 2014 exhibition

 Clyde Holmes: Photo CH Website

I noticed an old article of mine-Beyond the Haloed Mountain- had suddenly become popular again on Footless Crow and discovered it linked to a new website dedicated to the poet and artist Clyde Holmes. Clyde-who died in 2008- was a fascinating character. A Londoner by birth, he eventually ended up living with his family high up in the remote valley of Cwm Hesgin amongst the outlying peaks of the Arenigs. Living a solitary life in a small traditional cottage without mains services or neighbours, Clyde and his family attracted the attention of the Independent who published article about him  in the mid 80’s, and later, the BBC, who dedicated an episode of its ’ Visions of Snowdonia’ series to his life and work. A coffee table book of the series by Jim Perrin and Ray Wood followed. For some reason, the series has never been repeated or offered as a DVD which is surprising?

Anyway....I was delighted to discover on the website that an exhibition of Clyde’s paintings will be held at the beautiful Moma Gallery in Machynlleth, Mid Wales in January. For those unfamiliar with his work and for those who appreciate traditional landscape painting, the exhibition will be a welcome opportunity to sample his work. In an extract quoted in the FC article, Clyde offers the opinion that landscape art itself is becoming a dying genre......

  We're possibly seeing the gradual disappearance of landscape painting. To my knowledge no new generation is coming up with a special interest in the genre. It's conceivable that landscape painting will fizzle out like the landscape itself.

You can’t ever see a Holmes-esque landscape painting ever winning a contemporary art prize these days for sure, but personally, I can’t see the genre ever completely disappearing. You can’t hang a tent or dead shark on your wall after all!

Clyde Holmes Studio Works: Moma Gallery, Machynlleth, Powys: 11th January-8th March 2014.

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