Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The eighties Lomo revival continues....

You wait thirty years for a Lomo LC-A and four come along at once!

A few weeks ago I blogged about my reacquaintance- after nearly thirty years - with the iconic 80’s Soviet 35mm compact film camera, The Lomo LC-A. I’d just bought a ‘spares or repair’ Lomo on eBay from Germany and was hoping that I had fixed the ‘sticky shutter’ which affects a lot of old Lomos.

I was unaware at the time that the main problem is poor battery connections. The battery terminals become dirty and corroded, hence the connection is poor and insufficient to ‘fire’ the shutter blades. Since then I’ve bought another FOUR Lomo LC-A’s; all spares and repairs and all but one with shutter problems. All have been fixed by simply cleaning the terminals, placing a small tablet of silver foil in the battery compartment which improves the connection and ensures the three small watch type batteries are a tight snug fit.

So far I’ve taken a couple of rolls of 200asa colour print film with the first two cameras and had them developed in Boots. Nothing fancy or professional in the development department! The first batch back had that typical Lomo look which first fired the excitement of those Austrian art students who rediscovered the camera and loved in low tech, lo-fi results.

Most prints had a strange but attractive blue tint and that typical ‘tunnel effect’ vignetting. Lacking the definition of a print taken by a decent SLR or Super Compact, the lomo images exist in another photographic dimension, and to compare a photograph taken on a Lomo with a shot taken on a high quality film SLR is like comparing a painting by Matisse with a Jack Vettriano.

I’m looking forward to picking up the images taken by the third camera tomorrow and receiving Lomo number five later this week in the expectancy that I can fix the shutter in the same simple way. Strangely enough, three of the cameras have been bought from photographic internet dealers and I’m surprised that they are not aware of this easy fix?
Obviously I don’t need five LC-A’s so I intend to keep a couple and re-sell the rest as good condition working cameras.

Mind you, I can see this becoming something of a ritual. Buying, fixing and reselling Lomos. I  don’t think I could retire early on the proceeds but it should fund further purchases of analogue cameras like the Canon, Olympus, Beirette and Lomo Auto Sampler 35mm cameras I have bought in the last week!

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