Saturday, November 28, 2015

Rock Climbers in Action in Snowdonia...fifty years on!

John Cleare and Tony Smythes’ 1966 Rock Climbers in action in Snowdonia has long achieved iconic status in the field of mountaineering literature. With original copies fetching an arm and a leg on eBay, the news that the book is to be re-printed as a 50th anniversary addition-complete with new original photos which did not appear in the original book-will be welcomed by those who yearn to own the book but whose wallets won’t stretch far enough to buy a rare second hand edition.

The pre-publication blurb put out by John Cleare himself reads........ 

by John Cleare and Tony Smythe
To be published early in January 2016 by Mountain Camera.
Similar to the original 1966 edition, if rather fatter, it contains over a hundred of John Cleare’s photographs in a new layout – the original thirty nine plus many others that ‘got away’ in 1966 – together with Tony Smythe’s original text and a few other interesting additions.
The new edition may be purchased on-line (using credit/debit card) after November 15th 2015
direct from the printers at
in hardback at £25 or paperback at £20
plus £3.50 post and packing.

Climbing writer Steve Dean wrote a compelling appreciation of the work in the Climber’s Club journal on the book's 40th anniversary, which was republished in two parts on Footless Crow. See the links below.

I must admit that I’m one of those who has never owned the original work so I’m looking forward to seeing this. More especially those unpublished photographs.

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