Thursday, November 17, 2016

David Craig: Thoughts on Climbing. Audio Interview

I was delighted to receive a link from a Christian Shaw to an interview he had conducted with one of my favourite climbing writers, David Craig. I've had the pleasure of meeting and climbing with David and had the honour of doing a couple of first ascents with him here in north Wales.For a Scottish climber best known for his English Lake District climbs, it was nice to be able to show him what our local crags had to offer. Particularly- as accompanied by Harold and Neville Drasdo- we sampled some of the local esoterica and showed him that even here in a relatively small area like north Wales, we still have some out of the way crags where only the odd sheep and crow disturb the peace.

By coincidence, I had only that morning put out a Featured Archive Post of David's- 'At the Corrie of the Black Raven', which was a poignant reflection on coming to terms with the end of a climbing life. Anyway...enough of the chatter. Enjoy the rich Aberdonian tones of a master wordsmith by clicking on the link below.

David Craig: Thoughts on Climbing: (Christian Shaw Soundcloud)


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  1. What a voice, what a way with words, what a lovely man. I made a couple of telly programmes with David and he was an absolute delight, one of life's inspirations.