Monday, December 12, 2016

Outdoor activists urged to boycott the Royal Oak in Betws y Coed

The crescendo of anger directed towards the Royal Oak Hotel in Betws y Coed, North Wales,reached fever pitch in the last few`days after the widely publicized brutal killing by kitchen staff, of a small, young stray kitten. Bludgeoned to death with a rolling pin. The hotel’s Stables bar is a popular haunt for outdoor activists. Mountain bikers doing the Marin Trail in the surrounding Gwydr Forest, Climbers either climbing on the Cyrau cliffs above the village or passing through en route to the main Snowdonia cliffs and walkers who hike the forest trails.
The anger directed at the hotel has be amplified by the actions of the management who at first tried to cover up the crime. Putting out a` statement describing the cat as ‘vermin’ and claiming in had been humanely euthanized, before finally admitting that their staff had been culpable in an horrific act of animal cruelty and sacking the main perpetrators after the growing chorus of anger.

Bizarrely, there is as yet, no sign of either the hotel or the perpetrators`being prosecuted by either the RSPCA or North Wales Police, despite the fact that bludgeoning a 16 week old cat to death after putting it in a`bag, falls very much within the laws which define animal cruelty.

As someone who regularly used the Stables bar on a weekly basis, I will certainly never set foot in the place again and it appears that there are many in the outdoor world who feel the same. For anyone who has the merest scintilla of compassion and intelligence then it defies comprehension how another human being could commit so vile an act against a terrified small creature.

Like many in the outdoor world,I hope those walkers,climbers and mountain bikers reading this, will share my own revulsion and keep well clear of The Royal Oak/Stables establishment and instead,patronize one of the many excellent pubs in the area where battering defenceless animals is off the menu!

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  1. A family of pet owners who enjoy climbing and cycling, we have visited the Royal Oak in Betws-y-Coed on many occasions. So, when we heard about the recent brutal killing of a defenceless little kitten by staff at this hotel we were sickened and deeply shocked. This was then compounded by the statement from the hotel manager who glibly inferred that it was quite permissable to kill an animal if it is "vermin", also casually stating that a cat had been "humanely euthanized"????!!!! Whether an animal is deemed to ve vermin and/or stray does NOT give anyone the right to "euthanize" it. Particularly as that animal may actually be someone's pet!!!! Instead, the "normal" sane solution is to contact the RSPCA or a local animal rescue shelter for advice. But in this case, the extent of the horrific cruelty that this tiny frightened defenceless animal was subjected to goes far far beyond the realms of the actions of a sane person. This was a merciless killing carried out by two sub-human psychopathic men who sought only to gain pleasure from the fear, pain and destruction of a helpless animal. Therefore, not only should the RSPCA be investigating the case, the North Wales Police also have a responsibility to ensure that the two men in question should be prosecuted and seved with the maximum sentence for their horrific cruelty. As is so often the result in cruelty cases like this one, despite the extreme barbarity, the two men in question may probably only receive a lesser punishment of a small fine, or possibly a caution. One thing is for sure family and friends will NEVER EVER again set foot in this hotel or their sister establishment, The Waterloo, where the two thugs have allegedly been transferred!!! I