Monday, May 29, 2017

Boardman Tasker celebratory evening announced

A BoardmanTasker celebratory evening will be held on October 11th 2017, commencing 7.30pm at the Buxton Opera House Arts Pavilion. This will be a truly unique event, with readings and talks by some of those closely involved with the charitable trust that administers the mountain literature prize, and two leading mountaineers who have each won the award.

The evening programme will commence with a reading by Martin Wragg from ‘The Shining Mountain’, Peter Boardman’s award winning first book, followed by a similar delivery ex Steve Dean from Joe Tasker’s great work, ‘The Savage Arena’.

Andy Cave a BT winner will talk and lecture from his own master work, ‘Learning to Breathe’ and Stephen Venables another BT winner will explain about how this bolstered his adventurous life, and his latest climbs in South Georgia and Antarctica.

There will be an interval between Andy and Stephen’s talks, and a short appropriate fund raising entertainment will ensue!

Tickets are on sale at the Opera House, details on the Heason Events web site. Photographs of the speakers, for publication can be obtained via

Dennis Gray: BT Trustee


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