Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Keswick Mountain Festival boycott call after 'Chaotic 2017 Festival'.

A small outdoor businessman, Ethan Thomas who owns and runs Summiteer Equipment, has called for a boycott of the annual Keswick Mountain Festival by other outdoor businesses after describing  'one of the worst weekends of my life' at a chaotic 2017 festival in the Cumbrian town. Writing on his Facebook page, the young outdoor retailer described the events organisers as 'self centred, chaotic and rude'. His full statement in full went on.....

"I've just had one of the worst weekends of my life at Keswick Mountain Festival. I don't think I've ever come across an organisation as self centred, chaotic and rude as Brand Events who run the place.

I had to fight like crazy to be allowed to get my stock and the van off the field today in order to go home. This was after they shut down the Festival because of the weather and told all exhibitors that they would have to come back and collect their things tomorrow. Not even allowing them to check if their stock was ok.

A lot of the staff and organisers were incredibly rude but after a weekend of being treated like shit even I was appalled when one of the main organisers stormed off shouting at me (in front all the other organisers) "you're irritating me now!" when I was merely trying ask him for a solution so I could get my van (that I needed to drive down to Yorkshire for this evening) and collect my stock in the bad weather. The bad weather was now about a 20mph wind with the occasional gust. However a "health and safety manager" which was simply a man wearing a caving suit and a helmet, making over the top decisions, decided to treat it like a war zone.

And this was just the icing on the cake.

On Friday they trapped me on the field until 11:15pm because their policy was that they couldn't let exhibitors on or off the field whilst the public were on it. This might make sense, until you find out that we were parked outside the public area and would have driven down a cordoned off track mat for exhibitors only.

On the Saturday, having got to bed at 2am the previous night (due to having had to restock so late) and having had to get up at 5:30am to finish restocking, we rang the festival office and asked when we would be allowed on until. The answer was "until just before 9." So when arriving at 8:25am we were amazed to find that they had decided to close the road leading to the festival so they could run a triathlon on it. There solution was that we paid for their parking at the other end of town and walked our down sleeping bags back and forth to our stall in the rain. After yet more complaining and tireless arguing we were eventually allowed to drive our vehicle to our stall and unload it at mid day (missing out on morning sales).

It feels a shame that a company like mine, which goes out of its way to do good things and treat people fairly, has had this experience. We've paid nearly £800 to basically be treated like we're dirt on someone's shoe and just a necessary nuisance in order for the organisers to make a bit more extra money. I will also add that we only got a day and a half of exhibiting done on a three day event and I wasn't allowed to collect my display marquee, stands and anything else other than stock. The answer being "you will have to claim this on insurance". And just to let you know, I think it is very unlikely that I will be refunded for this having already spoken to most of the (incredibly arrogant and rude) senior organisers who seemed very reluctant to take any liability for anything what so ever.

All these above events are just the highlights but right now I am too emotionally drained and tired from it all.

All I will say is this....Please boycott Keswick Mountain Festival.It is a festival run by greedy, selfish people who really don't care about anyone or anything other than their own pay checks.....

Ethan Thomas:

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