Sunday, April 8, 2018

Crow's Account of the Battle

My recent re-launch of this blog to include political matters-although I have dipped my toes in political affairs before, as in the case of the last General Election and my support for a YES vote in the Scottish Independence referendum- was always a risky move with regard to possibly offending those who only want to read about matters appertaining to The Great Outdoors. I felt however, that I would not be honest to myself if I didn’t speak out at this particular time, as I think that we in the UK are at a perilous point in our political history. The coalescence of anti Left forces in the Conservative, Lib Dem and Labour Parties and the almost blanket support they have in the media, has really shown the democratic system we take for granted as a sham.

Basically it is the Henry Ford version of democracy. 'You can vote for any person and any party you like-so long as it is who we like!' This Tweedledum and Tweedledee version of politics where both main parties basically spoon out the same gruel and follow the same big business, austerity, monarchy, nuclear defence etc etc, is basically fine with the establishment as any change of government- as with Major’s government being
seamlessly replaced by Blair’s crew- will not see the Status Quo challenged or their privileged boat rocked.

So when a figure like Corbyn or even Nicola Sturgeon comes along and threatens the status quo, they instantly become hate figures. Not just for historic hate mongers like The Mail and Sun, but as highlighted recently, a Centrist publication like the Guardian who as I write, is continuing its vendetta against Corbyn in today’s Observer.

Getting back to the balancing act between writing about mountain related material, van life, environmentalism etc and politics, I’m aware that some readers have left these pages like this fellow who emailed me saying...”

Hi, I have been a follower of your 'blogs' for some time now, and have generally appreciated and enjoyed your postings about the outdoors and related matters.Sadly, though, I won't be viewing your future blogs, since you make evident in the above post your distaste for those who hold conservative political views, as I do.It's a shame, for you write some very good and sensible blogs about life in the hills and mountains.

However, good luck for the future - and keep up your good work in defending our wild spaces from the continual encroachment of those who would wish otherwise!

Kindest regards

That is a shame. I would have hoped that even those on the Right might be open minded enough to try and get a left wing perspective on certain issues. If only to try and understand their political enemies a bit better. After all, delegating the political thought process to right wing hacks and just regurgitating their crass bile doesn’t garner much respect from those you seek to persuade I’m afraid. I do find it odd that someone who cares about Access and Environmental protection should be politically Conservative given the political Right’s traditional support for Landowners, Shooting and Hunting, Support for the Riparian lobbies restriction of access on our rivers and of course, their predilection for animal cruelty.

So there you have it. Feel free to comment, share or ignore as you wish!

* Crow's Account of the Battle..From Ted Hughes 'Crow-From life and Songs of the Crow'. Faber Publications

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